Friday, August 11, 2006

hare and hounds
pit stop
we meet another David
walking in a southbound trajectory
he's lost his friend along the way
tender injured feet
ours too!

end of today
departure then lost
losing the trail
at the same place
bashing our toes
on clogger lane
leading on to A roads again
Simone goes left, Tamara goes right
too late for dinner tonight

simone walks past heavy traffic, its raining.
in my shorts and shivering knees i persevere to find the PW path again
im following my nose and not the map
I stumble across it and turn left up the lane through a small hamlet
a man says hello and tells me im on the right track
across those fields
i cant remember how many now- no signs
and not a clue
still following my nose
i edge the field to find the canal
the 3rd bridge and im there
in the rain a dog goes crazy at me while its owners drink wine from the bench on the side
they are on holiday

off Clogger Lane
Tamara is given directions to East Marton
by a man coming out of his house
looks at me lost on a village green
up a backroad opposite the Tempest pub
rain rain rain rain rain
a quiet road gently up hill
this does not lead back to the trail
no map to tell me
I know it is up hill and keep going that way
there is a canal
I find another A road
juggernauts spray water
i jump on to the verge
bridge across the canal
a few houses here
the cross keys pub right there


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