Thursday, August 17, 2006

Malham to Horton, a women's day with a boy visitor at the end

roco red
roco red
azul blue
azul blue
amarillo yellow
amarillo yellow
rosa pink
rosa pink

(to the tune of Frère Jacques)

Therese, who resides in a bunk house
on returning from Spain
we climb the Malham Cove again
white horses on the tarn
we walk around the tarn, round robins voicing us along
different parts coming together
the wind to the left of us again
a familiar smell coming from the water
like starchy potatoes soaking in a pan on a sunday morning
at my gran's house
we wrap up
everyone else in shorts
singing through the forest to a big white house
field studies are underway
we depart from Therese
memories shared of unison and unity
with a nepalese song she leaves us on our way

down a sheltered forested track
through a grassy gully
past a farm
no people
a single track road out of place
emptiness, a place left behind
there are five cars in a row
down to the road and the Pennine way is lost
we go wrong
50m check on the map
still wrong
checking features
oh path down there
follow fence back to path
a wide white scar in this green landscape
difficult to miss
a field of bulls
is this the 'challenge' that Allison was talking about?
standing on the path
circling, stocky legs, broad shoulders
we jump fence to next field
up up up up up up
its the Pennine way
it must be going up
heather in the cairn on fountain's fell
from David?

big lump of rock over there
up to make 3 sides of a square
its Pen Y Ghent
windy hill
wind from the west
wind on the left
gust takes us off our feet
path is paved
steps up
crouched and close to the face
wait for stillness, to continue climbing
big wedge in the landscape
we got on top of it
singing loudly
we can see the sea
from this landship
with the wind to the left we descend
being pushed in to the hillside
sitting down
sensible says the two people going up
5 miles down, bony stones
friends are here with warm hugs
the women's centre at the bottom of the path
with a foot spa and a heart shaped cake
a boy visitor travelling from the Lakes
arrives in the darkness


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