Monday, August 07, 2006

day 3, postcards from David and Liz

8 legs on 9 legs, determined by us on the map, last night, some following path, some not

1. warmth welcome sun
2. yesterday was a battle, rowan tree berries
3. through the wall, sound of the breeze, birds. sheep, dry Crowden brook
4. a fast flowing stream, sun on back, warmth, clouds, shadow on hillside, peaceful
5. another stream, bilberries, lovely spot
6. jutting rocks, good view across to Kinder, slowly moving cloud shadows
7. no background noise or hum, only wind and sheep, occassional bird. A cricket.
8. so much better than last time, flagstones to follow now (David was last here 14 years ago)
9. Black Hill - the sun does shine on Black Hill sometimes

1. BLUE sky, GREEN ferns, VIBRANT chat
2. appearing/disappearing, present/absent, revealed/concealed
3. collections of shrubs, trees, rocks, round/angular
4. clear copper gushing bubbling water journeying downward, lone tree clinging to hillside
5. foothold under foot foot falls
6. rocks sticking out from the hillside like thrones over the majestic valley or diving boards into the deep
7. on the edge lopsided, wanting to see the earth from above, patterned on to hilltop like cheese? like the covering shrunk and didn't fit the hill anymore.
8. stream gets thinner and thinner. dragonfly can almost touch the clouds
9. so how did they get all the stone slabs here to make the path?


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