Monday, August 07, 2006

a disappointed top into a deep disappointing drop

'Pennine country where wet feet are averted by the ubiquitous slabs all the way to the uninspiring summit of Black Hill...a causeway of slabs laid with painstaking care by the Peak National Park staff using nothing but a few crow bars and a kind of pallet-truck with caterpillar tracks, very slow and cumbersome to handle' (British Walking Guide to the Pennine Way)

lets give this place a moment of being a wanted arrival
a place where you enjoy the view whatever the weather
a place where you stop and take a long breath
a pause
for reflection and what it is like to be really disappointed, are you really?

at 1745 a deep disappointing drop
our soles meant for combing sea shores
not clambering upland moors
body groans at this beauty
body of water, one of many


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