Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hawes to Keld

simone wants to touch a sheep
many different attempts to contact
round approach, slow approach, direct approach
unseen approach
all attempts failed
now with Jo and Tanya
and soon 6 mushroom brothers of 11
transported with us
we remain under watchful eye of the baron troll
asking passers by for sightings
on our 5 mile ascent to the summit of Great Shunner Fell
slowly and gradually, two by two with Jo's imaginary railings helping her up
slowly and gradually the wind picks up and the cold comes in
no trolls here, too cold
long winding mountain track
two walls cross to make shelter from the elements
a quiet moment to eat
we descend two by two

a late departure for us we say good bye
on the road next to the flat hedgehog
press on into a land
we must walk single file
a boundary crossed
troll territory


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