Thursday, August 17, 2006

musical grove - interlude

a song for trolls (tune varies on a daily basis)

we go wandering under the fields
setting up traps and eating lots of cooked meals
we adopt wayfarers and strays
as long as they abide by our ways

oh its jolly droll to be a troll
cheering those pesky travellers along
full of song all night long

we go sitting under bridges
eating goats and lots of midges
we eat grit from the stream to keep it clean
all in all we're not so mean

recorded at troll grove - two part harmony (gruff and squeaky)

the nobbly grove, where burrows intertwine
underneath its shape a mass of hollow habitats
notes floating in the trees and across the wind
we play for our hidden guests
enchant the roots
which have seen many sheep and farmers
we are giants
this micro world beneath us
all the water spills from here
swaledale below
around the rocky bend
the magic hour
arrive just before dusk
tiny place
waist high doors
a meeting of ways of across
the first and last time we can stay
Keld YHA


Blogger Pennine Walkers said...

Influences from Earth.

With their sensitive tiny bodies they can investigate their
Together with the adaptation of having such a mobile body with legs,
can navigate and travel great distances in order to obtain a more
offering from life, of not only basic comfort and reproductive
but of mental stimulus needed for their personal growth as individuals
within the group.
How they manage to find their way is all to do with the shapes of
differing paths and locations they encounter. They have an amazing way
being able to think about these shapes and relate them to one another,
manipulate them and employ equations. Unifying geometry and algebra
way, they can record and remember their environment and this insures
don't get lost.
Few of the advances of modern physics and engineering in our world
have ever been possible had geometry and algebra remained unrelated
suggested biologically to us like this. These tiny bodied creatures
steps through their world indeed were the pioneers to creatures like us
travelling imense distances intergalactically.

Lee Gilbert, Nottingham

4:21 pm  
Blogger Alston Troll said...

The Alston troll looked nervous as he waded into the river.
Though only inches deep it came up to his waist.
Then he sighted his treasures. A glint sparkled in his eyes.
Colonial corals in grey limestone matrix.
He’s a fan of Lithostrotian.
Solitary coral alone in the groundmass.
Yum yum, Dibunophyllum.
Priceless gems to the country troll.
Again and again he hauled these rocks to the river's edge.
Up the bank he toiled. A herculean feat!
The vast weight of the stones great compared with his small body.
As the last light of dusk faded he made a magic sculpture;
interlocking pieces of a grey fossil jigsaw.
In honour of the troll loving artists walking on the Pennine Way.

1:10 pm  
Blogger Alston Troll said...

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1:13 pm  
Blogger angel said...

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