Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dufton Day

trip to Carlisle
feel a bit uncomfortable about this
moving so far away from the trail
feeling sick in the car
feeling bigger on the train
its all a bit too fast and I can't place myself at this speed
we're moving backwards
body moulds to spaces it knows
navigating through people, traffic, crossings, shops, people
waiting - for traffic lights to turn
go when you are told by a green man
curious adaptability
provisions are here, restock supplies
this is tiring to the eyeballs
cold damp train station
spent too long here
waiting for trains that do not exist
except for a call centre operator the other side of the country
who thinks that it does
different train, even faster one
a lift with Lucy and her mum, means we are met further away
we end in Penrith


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