Saturday, August 26, 2006

Langdon Beck: rock rolling

two bodies nesting in the rocks
constant pouring sound of the stream
returning to places we passed
To spend time in flow, letting water pass in front of us- lets watch things move away from us in the opposite direction, for a change
not ebbing today
stillness that was hungered for
somehow still yet emptiness
now I miss motion
perpetual forward motion in the walk
The loss of stopping, feeling lost in the stillness
a deep luxury in curving
a sensation known from a distant past
this upright position is straining the memory of my spine

we remove our boots and socks
we place them above the water
tense legs cold feet, muscles shaking
black water, white skin
sometimes white foam
floating feet, the air between my toes
up my soles

the rain comes to join us again
a sign from the path, 'tea this way',
we follow the arrow
up a hill
met by a barking dog and no sign of a brew
several dead ends in fields
an empty dwelling
painted white by order of Lord Barnard
so he could find a place to stay at night
we go back to the road
treading passageways 'between friendships and feuds'


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