Friday, September 01, 2006

Garrigill to Alston, the slowest leg

17 tops
many drops
lots of highs and lots of lows
twenty one days we travel between us
leading and following
getting ahead and

as the distance grows between us now
we are bound
bound to carry on
this is a passage
to measure the distance
of this companionship
'to come close, to move far away, all in one,
emptiness is the track on which the centred person moves' (Solnit, 2006)
rotating around our worlds, lost in this other
we are tied together
we break each other along with the wind

this is a rejoining
a search for the rejoicing that company brings
in order to move on together

the music catches us up
Robin and his fiddle
provides soundtrack
to squirrels
and we whistle as we walk
in tune
to end in trees woven with string


Blogger neil callaghan said...

Simone and Tamara tied together with string. A tool for measuring the distance between them. They move closer together and further apart. They are near and far. They are as wide as the road and as near as their hips. They are either side of the bridge. They are in the river and the river is in their wellies. They are 25m of string. And all the time I watch their journies my ears are filled with the sounds of a robin. A robin who plays the tin whistle and fiddle. A robin who plays the rhythm of walking and plucks melodies from the landscape. He frames my perception. He travels with them, plays with them, he is with them yet his four strings are his own. As he weaves melodies and atmospheres Simone and Tamara weave their umbilical connec ction around some trees outside the Alston YHA. And as the robin whistles they leave the distance hanging in the trees.

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Blogger neil callaghan said...

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