Friday, September 01, 2006

Slaggyford to Greenhead

4 of us, Glynn and Sorrel
a confusing start
railway or pennine way
no rebellion today
drawing boards are carried
local cloud rushes in towards us
across the moor
showers start
wet legs and thin trousers
board drops to the ground, more than once
and mostly on stiles
mono impressions, the real image is reversed
we're saying goodbye to the pennines
another country (or at least that is what it feels like)
gap in the land, sky opens
the Tyne gap pulls us away
misreading of the map puts us in shelter for lunch
backtrack to draw
impressions, darkness of the sky forming around the white paper
across the moors
finding out how to roll with packs
under fences away from cows with fluffy ears
'we're in the army now, oh oh oh' we're in the army NOW'
to the paradise bus
a warning from companions on cross fell
not scary
the scary comes after with cows with darkness in their eyes
confrontation across the path
has us edging around the field
tip toe
more moor more moor
lots of it
good heather
cross the road
dual carriageway chicken
no warnings to cars about walkers here
first main road without a man made crossing for the PW
run for your lives
especially if you have to eat in the pub
frozen pies marked up
this has to be the worst yet
bunk barn full of promise
but really full full of sofa beds (5 in total)
and plastic sheets and a festival for nylon
ahhh we love the YHA here
they feed us and make sure we are stocked for the day
another one to bite the dust
what a shame

new shoes removed
old skin removed
open wounds


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