Friday, September 01, 2006

Steel Rigg to Wark Forest edge

one goes through field with cows, just
and would not have if a couple had not come into the field at the same time
other makes up hill diversion
up steel rigg
we know this rock
been up it, down it, rolled on it, drawn it
brought other people to it
along familiar roads
seen before and on TV
military miles
up and down
this wave of rock
we leave so soon
head for the forest
we don't know what is there
we turn right off the trail
is it there?
a hut with a radio
and carpeted bunks
jackpot find!
this bothy rocks
you can do it if you B and Q it
we have a superstar in our midst
and an evening of our teenage songs
these two guys have come prepared
we share food, drink, thoughts and the task of chopping wood
that makes you warm three times, you know
collecting, chopping, burning it
a blazing fire
a sauna, a sauna bar
cosy dreams (tamara), sweats in the night (simone)


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