Friday, September 01, 2006

Still on Steel Rigg

Tim is the colour of the sky today
we explore the textures of the crags
pathways through film
Simone has gone beyond wanting to touch sheep
she transforms
very funny
she lies on the ground and springs forward
searching and deliberately ignoring the sky
mouth surfing the grass
some swimming in the sky
some molding
some more Atlas talking
supporting the cosmos on his shoulders...
he strides on the rock blending in with the shades of the sky
greys and whites
he disappears into it for a moment and then returns
stand turning
the birds sing for him
arched over
taking the sky into his shirt, bird like
the weight of the sky on his back, but he's still floating
where's it gone?
the edges of things that show me where I am
in the clouds
I can feel the weight of the stones and the smell of grass
'I just hold out my hand...'
put your back into it and don't turn away
swirling air beneath your hands (wings)
how do those circles reverberate through the rocks?


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