Friday, September 01, 2006

in between trees and onto Bellingham

Laura wakes up an hour early
she is still on norway time
she weaves the forest
we make a brew on the bench
as a bus comes from the city
the mania dance group are with us

the edge of the forest
the entrance to pathway
woven with messages from birds
some are dancing
in a clearing
moving across
we see physical memories of journeys made in a city
imprinted on the forest floor
these young elves
lead us with tales of cotton
fast and silent
they show us the way and the bark on the trees
they show us the frogs that hurdle
Laura appears
a nordic animal transported
this could be a winter's tale
she scurries off
we are in the web of string
it rebounds
there's a pleasure of being caught in a moment
in a space between trees
we remember the weight
paper birds find new homes
on the fingers of others
we must weave the way out from here
lead on
to cake, fresh strawberries under a rain cloud

moooooo, we sing
and milk cows in Danish as we walk
everyone is excited to be a cow

the flock moves along the track
four depart
four continue
skirting rain clouds
raining everywhere but where we are
munching under the sycamore/sheep shelter

more departures on a hill
a point of return or finishing with us
we are not the slowest today
we overtake others
for the first time?

heightened view
of the village below
soon becomes an illusion of distance
river crossing opposite side of town
there's an arrow pointing that way
for a sauna, its not our way

through the village and up the hill
Swiss Chalet YHA
another one bites the dust
a warm welcome from the volunteer warden
bunks mostly taken
15 walking together
they finish tomorrow

a meeting
Glyn and his raw feet
at 7 sharp
no you can't wait in the bar


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