Friday, September 01, 2006

wark forest edge to wark forest central

morning glory
the latest start
after a late night
a see you later to the bothy
we'll be back
off on forest roads
to a clearing by a stream
passing pine beds under canopies
dark, hidden, only the outside branches have leaves

soggy underfoot
we are very high
we can see the last hill, maybe?

we hit Stonehaugh
in time for the fete
the village funday
tea, cake
an announcement over the tanoi
we are superstrangers
five a side
banoffee pie

the wettest night
there's no competition for our competition tents

'listen to that voice'
a tent over there
sets a temporary military hospital
for our marine
slowing down for a while, foot problems

friends arrive
we circle up
with the car in the back
blocking the wind
rain rain rain rain and wind
wet inside, again


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