Saturday, September 02, 2006

the last legs

we wake with aching bones and muscles
from 19 miles and wooden benches
no visibility out there
slow breakfast
with soup and seaweed
one more top today
8 miles left

we set off in the cloud
'its going to clear up'
and it does
clouds lift
you need to see it yourself

last hill
up up up
'I want to go home'
down down down on the low level track
the warmest day
we gradually strip off along the path
descending into an ending
a bend in the stream
cooling feet
the last rest

the last mile
slowed down
we eat our way into town
blackberries and raspberries grow by the road
like prizes
we've earned them

friend on bench with a balloon
the end

village green
the end

book signing
the end

what did we eat?
celery soup and fried brie

there's something about this ending that doesn't feel like the end
we've walked a range
the end

I can't seem to finish here
there's always St Cuthbert's Way...

sequel in the pre-production stage


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